Medicated oil is poured on to the body in countinuous streams while being genteely massaged. It is extremely soothing & relaxing. Help in deeply rejuvenating the whole body.

Benefits: Chronic fatigue syndrome.



This is special treatment in which the eye are bathed in the pure medicated ghee/decoction.

Benefits: A soothing technique relex and strained eyes.

specially useful in it profession, improve eye site.



It is a specialized herbal treatment.in which fresh plants are fried several other herbal ingratitude which are tide in “pottali” massaged all over the body.
Benefits: Joint Stiffness, swelling, muscular pain, spondylities, sprain, Sprain




By using warious medicated oiles and giving gentel pressure on Marma while doing massage it provides increases tissue strebgh beautifies the skin, Anti-aging, promotes vitality.



Medicated herbal steam bath opens the pours & flushes cleaneses the system through the skin very effictive when taken after Abhyanga. Elimnate toxins promote lightless. Reduces pain in body,stiffness.



With the help of medicated oil poured genteelly over the forehead in countinous stream using the special rhythmic & swiniging relaxtion & inner peace. Anxiety depression, insomnia,stress.


Kati/Greeva BAsti

The special technique aimed to proved relife from Back pain/Cervical pain. Using various medication oil.

Benefits: Chroic, Acute Backache Cervical Pain Lumber/Cervical Spondylistis.



This is specialized herbal treatment for weight reductin.A herbal Powder is applied all over the body & the massage is done in specific manner.
Benefits:Tones the skin, After Childbirth or weight Loss, Obesity.