Harmony is a health!

“Harmony is a health” is what Ayurveda emphasizes. According to WHO health is not only physical well being or absence of disease it is rather physical, mental and social well being of an individual and Ayurveda deals exactly with that, making it completely different from other medical sciences. Derived from Sanskrit word .Ayurveda basically consists two words `Ayur’ which means life and `Veda’ means knowledge. Most of people today think of Ayurveda as an alternative system of medicine which is not. It is the way of living.

We tend to ignore that human body does react to natures ever changing moods & that final human life is but only a line in the great web of life. Medication today has been reduced to just suppress the present disease. Preventive medicine has hardly made progress; except for handful vaccines “Ayurveda the science of life” will tell you that there is much more to medication than it. Ayurveda is based on sound observation concepts which have stood the test of time for thousands of year.

Ayurveda recognizes each individual is genetically different from other & of very specific Prakruti (Constitution) to compensate with environmental changes, life style and stress of present day the need of time is to minimize, the gap between modern life style and Ayurveda because true its name Ayurveda is the means vitality in fast passed world.


Medicated oil is poured on to the body in continuous streams while being gently massaged. It is extremely soothing & relaxing. Help in deeply rejuvenating the whole body.

Benefits: Chronic fatigue syndrome.



This is special treatment in which the eyes are bathed in the pure medicated ghee/decoction.

Benefits: A soothing technique relex and strained eyes.

specially useful in Computer vision and also into eye site.



It is a specialized herbal ingredients in which fresh plants are fried several other herbal ingratitude which are tide in “pottali” massaged all over the body.
Benefits: Joint Stiffness, swelling, muscular pain, spondylities, sprain, Sprain




By using various medicated oils and giving gently pressure on Marma while doing massage,  it provides increases tissue strength, beautifies the skin complications, Anti-aging, promotes vitality.



Medicated herbal steam bath opens the pours & flushes cleaneses the system through the skin very effictive when taken after Abhyanga.

Benefits: Elimnate toxins, promote lightless. Reduces pain in body, stiffness.



With the help of medicated oil poured gently over the forehead in continuous stream using the special rhythmic & swiniging relaxtion for  inner peace.

Benefits: Anxiety depression, insomnia, stress.


Kati/Greeva BAsti

The special technique aimed to proved relife from Back pain/Cervical pain. Using various medication oil.

Benefits: Chroic, Acute Backache, Cervical Pain, Lumber/Cervical, Spondylitis.



This is specialized herbal treatment for weight reduction. A herbal Powder is applied all over the body & the massage is done in specific manner.
Benefits: Tones the skin, Obesity, reduction of unwanted fat.