Preventive as well as curative
The healing touch of Nature
Every Four months : three times in a year. Two Packages – as below.
Detoxification (Treatment part- 8 days)


  • Will include one of the Panchakarma that is either Vaman/ Virechana/ Basti/Nasya
  • Shirodhara – 4 days.
  • Kati basti/ Janubasti/ Greeva Basti /other treatment modality as per need.
Rejuvanation (Treatment part- 4 days)


  • Will include either MatraBasti/Plain Virechana/ MalashodhanBasti x 1-4 days.
  • Shirodhara x 4 days.
  • Sarvang aabhyangya & swedan / SSPS x 4 days/ Udvartana.

On first visit investigation consultation -

  • MRI Brain/L-spine with spine screening ,
  • CT Brain / Abdomen,
  • USG – Abdomen/ other part,
  • Complete cardiac profile (E.C.G., CXR, 2D ECHO, Treadmill test, Lipid profile )
  • Lever profile (LFT , Sr. protein)
  • Kidney profile [Bl. Urea , Sr. Creat, urine (R)]
  • Diabetic profile (BSL-S/PP, Hb1AC)
  • Thyroid profile (TFT)
  • Preventive profile (HIV, HBSag, Sr. calcium, Blood group, uric acid, CRP, Stool)
    (Audiometry, Optholmoscopy, PAP Smear, as per need )

On next/ subsequent visits –

  • USG- abdomen,
  • CBC,LFT, RFT, BSL – F/PP,Urine (R), Lipid profile, ECG, CXR will be repeated.

Medicines –

  • Required for Panchakarma
  • Medicines such as oils, ghees, Kashay for basti, shastikshali rice for SSPS. Trivrutalehya etc. will be provided by hospital all inclusive.

Diet –

  • Wholesome healthy diet including (one time breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be provided by hospital
  • For Vaman-virechan patient predescribe diet will be provided.
  • For Rejuvanation patient along with this diet, Herbal tea will be provided if prescribed by doctors.

Yoga classes –

  • Yoga classes will be conducted almost on daily bases in early morning session

Consultation –

  • Consultation with expert doctors in Medicine, Ortho, ENT, Ophthalmic, Gynac(as per need), will be provided.


Total Package

 Detoxification 56000/- , Rejuvanation 32000/-