Importance In today’s era

Never in history of mankind human being was so stressed up. It will not be a overstatement if we say we are living in a “stress era’’. From a IT professional to a labour, from a doctor to a teacher, from a student to a farmer everyone is stressed up. While defining Swasthya LokLF; that is health, ayurveda says health is not mere absence of disease but it is physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of a human being. Ayurveda believes almost every disease is not disease of body but its of both that is body and mind. And while treating body we tend to ignore mind. But ayurveda is unique in its approch it takes care of both body and mind.

^^LoLFkL; LokLF; jl.ke~ A
vkrqjLFk fodkj iz’kuuap AA** 

that is Not only treating the patient but keeping the health of healthy person that is curative as well as preventive is the ultimate goal of ayurveda.

Today we have all sort of modern technology in our hand but has it really helped us in increasing quality of life?

What does life mean to you?
Is it taking handful of medicines daily to keep you going?
Is it taking multi vitamins and health supplements to remain fit?
Is it just passing the days in your life wondering when the misery gonna end ?
Is it feeling uneasy, heavy everyday?
Is it taking puff of medicines even to walk a slightest of distance?
Is it taking help of psychiatrists every now and then for your stress?
Is it facing many problems in getting pregnant through natural ways?

If your answer is no and you want to feel your body light, fresh, rejuvenated, virlified then ayurveda and its unique way of treatment that is “Panchakarma’’ is the answer for you.