Lady, around 42 yrs. old reported to Ayurvedic OPD with complaints of painful fissures over both palms & soles of 6 months duration. She had consulted skin specialist & the treatment did not give her relief & symptoms persisted.

On arrival she had –
  • - Deep multiple fissures along with redness & evidence of bleeding over both palms & soles. It was tender & painful .
  • - On investigation fungal & bacterial infection was ruled out.
Provisional diagnosis : Palmo- Plantar Keratiits ( deep fissures ).

She was put on Ayurvedic treatment. She was advised to undergo Panchakarma treatment & patient has undergone Virechana Karma First.

Once Virechana was over she was put on Ayurvedic Medicines :

1. Tab. Panchatikta Ghrita Guggula

2. Tab. Arogyavardhini Rasa

3. Guggultiktak Ghrita

She has responded very well within a period of 15 days & totally got cured within 2 months. Till now there is no recurrence .