Ayurveda’s Secret

Before claiming anything one should know why the science which is told many centuries back holds relevance in today’s modern era. What is it that makes Ayurveda successful in today’s highly sophisticated modern era? Answer to this big question lies in a simple way of looking at any disease.

(Let us explain )

For eg. if a person has a problem regarding digestion he might not get his bovels clear, which will lead to feeling of heaviness in body which may cause an headache which may precipitate loss of sleep which will again disturb his digestion and which will again add to agony and he will be trapped in this circle of events which in turn continues for a period of time will lead to serious diseases of GI tract.

What modern medicine will do here is they will try to subside the symptom with an analgesic (pain killer) or an antacid. It will subside the symptom but if the root cause i.e. improper digestion continues it will eventually lead to GI problems in future. What ayurveda does here is, we just facilitate body to cure itself. God has gifted us the best working machine available on this planet that is our body just we need to listen to its indication carefully and give it a chance.

Ayurveda believes in balance. anything excess or less will lead to imbalance and eventually to formation of disease. If we want to `cure’ the disease and not mere treat the symptom what we need to do is balance the body’s physiological components. and Ayurveda does exactly the same. In above mentioned case if the person doesn’t overfeed himself after feeling heaviness in the body, body itself will take care of initial problem and will stop further chain of events. It these chain of events are not stopped it will become more and more functions of body involving more systems which will increase complications and will start damaging body tissue which if still not looked upon will cause permanent damage. Which may then require surgical repair. This vicious cycle can be broken by adopting simple measures of Ayurveda. Other secret of Ayurveda is its highly personalised treatment unlike other medicinal sciences Ayurveda try to find what caused the present condition of that particular patient.

For eg. If a person is a labour and has worked heavy throughout his life and now has knee joint pain and other person is a banker doing a seating job overweight, no exercise and has same complaint knee joint pain. For both these patients a treatment protocol of modern medicine will include pain killers.

Will it work in both cases ?
Yes for sure it will reduce the pain for some time but will it cuare pain in both cases?

The answer will be `No’. So what ayurveda does here is, it will look in chain of events that might have caused the pain. In the case of labour the pain may be is due to excess work and poor nourishment. So what he will need is “Santarpana Chikista’’ i.e. balancing the less. In the case of banker what might have caused the pain may be over nourishment and lack of exercise so what he will need is “Apatarpana Chikista’’ i.e. balancing the excess. And this balancing of either less or excess applies to almost every disease. So now one can understand why Ayurveda can success fully treat many untreatable conditions by modern medicine.