About Ayurveda

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The word ayurveda basically consists two words `Auyr’ which means life and `Veda’ means knowledge. So the knowledge about life is ayurveda. The history of ayurveda traces back to starting of human civilization and even beyond. The Vedas are oldest record of knowledge known to human. Ayurveda is considered to be a branch of Atharva Veda. When the man was still in a primitive phase of his present modern knowledge our ancient sages like lqJqr] okXHkV has gifted mankind with this scientifically arranged medical science in their respective samhita’s (books).

Ayurveda mainly written in coded verses in Sanskrit called Shlokas to make it easy to remember.


Divided in 8 branches : 

  • dk; (Medicine)
  • cky (Paediatrics)
  • xzg (Physiology)
  • m/okZax (ENT & Ophthalmology)
  • ‘kY; (Surgery)
  • nz”V (Toxicology)
  • tjk (Geriatrics / Preventive )
  • o`”k(Aphrodisiac & Rejuvenation)